1. Board of Assessors

    This page has been created to give the taxpayer an overview of the operation of the Board of Assessors and to provide information that might be helpful to the taxpayer in dealing with our office.

  2. Retirement Board

    With in the Retirement Board you will find information regarding our retirement benefits plan, our cost of living adjustments, forms for both members and retirees, helpful retirement documents and links, access to our community calendar, and frequently asked questions.

  3. Treasurer / Collector

    The Treasurer/Collector is responsible for the receipt, investment and disbursement of all Town funds, the placement of tax liens, the initiation of foreclosure proceedings, and the issuance of all short and long term debt.

  4. Town Accountant

    The Town Accountant, along with the Finance Director, performs complex administrative, supervisory, and professional work in managing the municipality's accounting and financial systems.