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Posted on: March 1, 2017

MBTA Proposal to Eliminate Three Bus Stops

The MBTA is seeking comment from the Town of Hingham regarding a proposal to eliminate 3 bus stops in Town. The bus stops are: 1) Otis Street at Burditt Ave, 2) Opposite 154 Otis Street and 3) Downer Ave at Grove Ave. For more information please see the attached letter. If you have any comments regarding their plans to eliminate these bus stops, please let us know by contacting the Office of the Board of Selectmen at 781-741-1400 or by emailing Sally Sinclair at SinclairS@hingham-ma.gov.

Letter from MBTA

I am writing to ask for your thoughts on an evaluation which has been completed of MBTA bus stops in your community and to offer to share the data that we have collected during the evaluation process.

The MBTA surveyed more than 7,000 bus stops in its system in order to identify barriers to accessibility, determine if the locations meet safety guidelines, and analyze whether capital improvements are necessary and warranted by observed ridership.

The MBTA's goal is to improve the customer experience by making bus stops accessible, convenient, and safe for boarding and disembarking. As you know, society has changed since many of these bus stops were created, and many paths of travel in your community have changed. The MBT A has taken a fresh look at the needs of customers, ADA requirements relative to bus travel, pedestrian crossings and infrastructure such as curb cuts, cross slope of landing pads and bus stop amenities.

In some cases, the MBTA will be designing and constructing changes to make stops accessible in their current locations or nearby to address the needs of seniors, persons with disabilities and public safety concerns. However, there are a number of locations where low demand, close stop spacing, complex intersection traffic operations, and/or other site conditions and constructability issues have led the MBTA to recommend stop elimination rather than further modification. The bus stop(s) highlighted for potential elimination in your area include:

(Please see Full Letter from MassDOT (PDF) for specific locations)

If there are roadway projects underway to improve accessibility conditions at these stops in your community, or if there are other factors that you would like the MBTA to consider, please inform us as soon as possible. We will be refining the list of potential stops for elimination between now and April 18, 2017 based on feedback from you and the general public. If elimination is recommended, stops are expected to be decommissioned on June 24, 2017 to coincide with the start of our summer schedule period.

Let me reiterate that these potential changes only affect bus stops, and there are no schedule or service changes planned for bus routes or schedules in your area.

Thank you for your support of public transportation. Please contact me via email at cchampion@mbta.com or via phone at 6l7-222-5733 should you have any questions.


Curley Champion

Bus Stop Manager

Full Letter from MassDOT (PDF)
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